A Divine Move For Divine Goods Hawaii

Along the Mamalahoa Highway where the paved road cuts through jungle, thick groves of Kona coffee and Macadamia nut farms, you'll find a charming oasis where beauty, art and conscious living reside. Here, Divine Goods Hawaii took its precious hand selected treasures from all around the world, an eclectic collection of beauty in all its forms, and re-opened at the Mango Court in South Kona.

Just in time for the holidays, Divine Goods offers gourmet chocolate and frankincense sampling and the opportunity to meet local artisans who fashion jewelry and create botanical products every Saturday before Christmas. Dates are November 28, December 5, 12 and 19 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Keep your watch in your pocket when entering Divine Goods. Here in this oasis, time can be a sanctuary for the soul and an opportunity to soak in all the beauty that is offered. Gaze upon the strength of legendary Hawaiian goddess Pele in mammoth paintings by Japanese artist and global activist Mayumi Oda. Drink in the rich smell of some of Kona’s best coffee beans. Witness tranquility through a sip of pure Hawaiian spring water in dark violet Miron Swiss glass that has been bathed in sunlight. Taste the divine frequency of raw chocolate fudge laced with Hawaiian ‘awa and organic Kona Coffee. Live as a goddess for the day and complete your transformation with hand-crafted, eco-friendly, chic Hawaiian “Royal Crowns” palm fiber hats, created by artisan and singer-songwriter Sahra Indio.

“The intention of Divine Goods Hawaii is to be a catalyst for transformation,” says owner Alessandra Rupar, “be it with words, colors, smells or a healing remedy -- whatever aids us to re-connect to the truth, to the pure frequencies mirrored in beauty and a feeling of home.” Colorful pashminas from India, hand-loomed silk scarves from Thailand and organic clothing lines reflect Rupar’s past as a translator of spiritual texts from India and her love of Kriya Yoga combined with many years as a Pranic healer and teacher.

Divine Goods has beautiful spiritual objects to sanctify your living space and is the exclusive retail location of the high-grade Brazilian Healing Crystals from Feng Shui Master Consultant Marta Barreras. Divine Goods also offers renowned Chinese brush painting artist Shirley Pu Wills, award-winning local artist Stephanie Bolton with her Art Nouveau inspired Kona Coffee Series, and acclaimed artist Carol Adamson Greenwell.

In addition to art, find an array of healing potions, balms, essential oils, hydrosols and aroma therapeutic extracts to soothe a weary soul and uplift the spirit. Alessandra’s husband, Randyl Rupar, carefully extracts the essences of turmeric, a highly regarded spice and medicinal plant used for centuries in the East, and delicate rose geraniums to make hydrosols – also, known as hydroflorates – collected from the nearby Sanctuary of Mana Ke`a Gardens. Rupar’s passion for frankincense has garnered him the nomer, “Dr. Frankincense,” and the store permeates with this rich fragrance donned by ancient kings of Oman.

Alessandra Nicola Rupar and business partner Kathleen Akaka welcomes you to a journey of all senses to remind yourself of your true inner beauty, gifts, talents, dreams and blissful state. Book an appointment with wedding designer and event coordinator Akaka and bring your design dreams to your home and to your special events.

Come and feel the frequency of joy, of happiness, the essences of harmony and being in tune with the simplicity of being aware of these moments of illuminated brilliance. Phone 808-324-GOOD or visit http://www.divinegoods.com.

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